The body operates as a finely tuned machine and therefore should be given the highest performance.  The same way it works with machines the body requires some help through the rigorous efforts you put it through.  Different orthotics and braces are available to assist the patient recovering from a traumatic injury, minimizing the symptoms of a degenerative process, or treating a problem as a result of overuse/overactivity.


Cast are utilized very commonly to treat foot and ankle problems.  They can be applied for injuries, degenerative conditions, and after surgery.  By immobilizing the foot and ankle they assist with pain control as well as healing.  Some are applied such that they allow weightbearing while others are non-weightbearing. The cast will be applied by the orthopedic technicians in the Fondren Orthopedic castroom.  Instructions on proper cast care will be provided at the same time.

Fracture walker boots:

Cast braces are often used after injuires and surgical procedures.  They may be used in place of a cast or a splint.  They will immobilize the foot and ankle to assist with pain control, edema control and aid in healing .  They generally allow weightbearing.  They are removable to allow access to the extremity so that the affected part can be bathed or mobilized when indicated.


Ankle braces are most commonly used after ankle injuries.  These assist pain control, edema control and aid in healing.  They also stabilize the joint in order to assist in earlier weightbearing. Different braces are available that can be utilized for other foot and ankle problems including arthritis and degenerative conditions.  Some of these will be fitted at the clinic while others will require sizing and application by an orthotist.


Orthotics are used by orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons to treat foot and ankle problems.  By changing the way that the foot bears weight will subtly realign the foot and ankle to take stress off the damaged structure.  These can vary from simple over-the-counter inserts that can be purchased at a store to custom orthotics that must be fabricated by an orthotist.  Dr. Loncarich will discuss the orthotic and different options that are available and may be needed to treat your problem.

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