Orthopedic surgeons provide solutions to all patients of all ages. The specialist understands the value of having functional foot and ankle because if they are not in good shape it will translate to ill health of the whole body. When you book an appointment with Dr. Loncarich, a date is set and conveyed to you, at the healthy facility your Ortho Surgeon will check your foot and ankle and recommend the best solution to your foot problems.


 From the start to the end, my experience with Dr. Loncarich has been a wonderful. The staff in the facility work as a team and are very effective. I have to admit, I was a bit scared and terrified to have the surgery because it was the first time I was having a surgical operation. But the team at the facility was there for me and they encouraged me and helped me calm down. 6 weeks after the operation on my foot I had a foot with virtually no scars and I was treated with the best care to ensure my foot healed properly. I would recommend Dr. Loncarich to anyone who needs foot care. 
~ John H.

 I had been placed in a walking boot for almost three months, I was in a miserable state and my friends advised me to seek an alternative. I visited Dr. Loncarich’s office, they inspected what was wrong and they performed a ligament repair, they removed the screws from a previous ankle injury and cleaned my joints. With their smart recovery plan, physical therapy and orthotics I was able to take up running again. After full treatment I was even able to participate in a half marathon in the university and I am so grateful to the surgeon for bringing the life back to me.   
~ David L.

 I was a bit apprehensive about bunion surgery but when I sought medical attention from Dr. Loncarich’s Orthopedic office here in Houston, I felt at ease. Everything from the X-ray through the operation was conducted in a professional manner and each physical therapy that I was offered was all about positive experience. It has been one year since I had that surgery and I am happy to say that I have fully recovered and I appreciate the good work from them.   
~ Christina B.