1. 1) Your weight bearing status will be determined by Dr. Loncarich and may be non-weightbearing, partial weightbearing, or full weightbearing as tolerated dependent on the procedure performed. You will be educated on this after your surgery.
  2. 2) The feet are to be elevated (above your heart) as much as possible during the first 7 days. This is the best way to control swelling and decrease pain. Leg elevators and pillows can be used. Range of motion of the toes, ankle, and knee are recommended to minimize the risks of blood clots.
  3. 3) Circulation should be checked every few hours for the first 24 hours after surgery. The tip of the toe should be pink at all times and should blanch when fingertip pressure is applied. The ace wrap can be unwrapped if it fells too tight and then rewrapped more comfortably. When the anesthetic had worn off, the toes should have normal feeling unless a nerve tumor (neuroma) has been removed or swelling is excessive, then some numbness may be noted.
  4. 4) Keep the: bandage / cast / splint / pins DRY until they are removed.
  5. 5) Ice may be used as desired. A reusable ice pack will be provided in the recovery room.
  6. 6) An appointment needs to be made for 7-10 days after surgery unless otherwise instructed. Please call the office within 2 days of surgery to make your appointment: (713) 799-2300 ext 3194.
  7. 7) If you have any medical questions or problems, call the office day or night ( 713 ) 799-2300.
  8. 8) You will be given a prescription for pain medications. Take them as prescribed. If pain in not controlled with these medications please contact Dr. Loncarich. Other prescribed medicines(antibiotics and nausea medicines) will be prescribed electronically.

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